B9/B9.5 S4/S5 Stage 1/2/FBO - Master - Map Switching/Adjustable Launch/Anti-Lag - TCU, Wagner FMIC Bundle

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****ECU,TCU, FMIC and Charge Pipe Bundle****


EPL :- European Performance Labs V2.0 Stage 1/2/FBO files are here, with game changing innovation and new features not found anywhere else!! 

EPL continues to innovate and develop the B9/B9.5 S4/S5 to an extent not yet seen on this platform. Our V2.0 Stage 1/2/FBO calibrations including map switching, user adjustable/ignition cut Launch Control and Rolling Anti-lag. This most recent update is a massive overhaul with extensive tune enhancements, updates and features that can be found nowhere else!

The Master License file includes all available Stage 1, Stage 2 and All available features!

Standard EPL B9/B9.5 Features (All Stages):

  • Increase horsepower and torque throughout all RPM ranges.
  • Homeflash without needing to visit a dealer or remove ECU. (Flash Cable sold separate) 
  • Improved throttle mapping and modulation control. (Closer to linear controll)
  • Improved temperature management using enhanced factory strategy.
  • Auto Start/Stop default to “OFF”.
  • Left foot braking enabled.
  • Stationary rev limit removed.
  • Oil temp rev limit activated.
  • High speed data logging.
  • Boost gauge recalibration.
  • FREE Updates.
  • User adjustable launch control
  • OEM, 91, 93, E40, 100*, 104*, W/M*

*Single non switching files currently

Stage 2 V2.0 Details:

  • Additional calibration for FBO hardware (intercooler and intake).
  • Optimization of all aspects of tuning related to new flow and pressure ratios across FBO hardware.
  • Improved temperature management using enhanced factory strategies.
  • Additional recalibration of power output taking advantage of lower IAT resulting in smoother more consistent power delivery in all driving situations.
  • Rolling Anti-lag

FBO/Stage 2 Requirements:
EPL FBO calibrations require an upgraded intercooler (Wagner highly recommended) paired with an intake modification (aftermarket or properly modified stock air box). Downpipe or sportcat is not required, but calibration will adjust accordingly if present. Please email for current Wagner pricing.

As always Stage 2/FBO is a FREE upgrade with our Master ECU tune owners. (Lite product please email for information on updating or adding a Master Lic).

Tune Feature Information and Use:

To activate the RPM Adjustable Launch Control:

  • With engine off but ignition in acc position.
  • Move the Cruise Control Stalk to off, then to the middle position.
  • To adjust RPM, use the speed up or speed down function on the CC stalk to increase/decrease launch speed.
  • Set button will save RPM.
  • To check current position use speed up without pressing through the adjustment position.

Basic Rolling Anit-lag overview: (with Stage 2 only)
Rolling anti-lag activation: with the car moving at road speed.

  • Move CC Stalk off.
  • Move CC Stalk to on (middle).
  • Pull CC Stalk to resume (toward driver) X 2’s.
  • CEL will begin blinking.
  • Hold the downshift paddle to allow the lowest gear possible to be selected.
  • Find RPM you want to "anti-lag to hold at".
  • Pull the CC Stalk a 3rd time and hold + Full throttle.
  • Release CC Stalk for a rolling “launch”.

***The Ignition Cut features should be kept as short an amount of time as possible. For Rolling Anti-lag we recommend 3rd gear or higher 3500-4500 rpm as a starting point. Hybrid vs Stock turbo RPM will differ.***

Overview of how EPL’s map switching allows you to seamlessly change octanes in seconds:

Ignition On - Engine off (Accessory position)
4 Primary Functions of Map Switching as of 01/11/22:

  1. Displays Current Program = Gas pedal + No kick down switch
  2. Enters Switch Mode = Gas pedal + No kick down switch + Brake pedal
  3. Switch Slots (programs)= Gas pedal + Brake pedal + Kick down switch
  4. Save = Releasing Gas Pedal and Brake Pedal while in switching modes*

*When saving, allow tach to return to the selected slot and check engine to flash. After the flashing check engine light, it is recommended to depress gas with no kick down or brake to confirm current program.

*Ethanol analyzer or Ethanol test kit recommended for all E40 use. It's highly advisable to start on the 2.0 LO file and submit logs for review, though not required.

At any point you are able to check your current "slot" position and using the Identify ECU function on the tool. The "*" will appear next to your current tune.