B9/B9.5 S4/S5/SQ5 Stage 1 - Lite

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V2.0 Stage 1 Lite files are here!

EPL continues to innovate and develop the B9 S4/S5/SQ5 to an extent not yet seen on this platform.  Don’t let the “Lite” name worry you about reduced performance, the Lite calibrations are the same that are found in our full Master product without the added features.  

The “EPL Lite” program comprises of a single octane, affordable ECU calibration that still utilizes our home flashing system to switch between a tuned calibration and stock calibration at home! This is perfect for owners that plan to flash once and run the same octane fuel all the time. 

Standard EPL B9 Features:

  • Increase horsepower and torque throughout all RPM ranges.
  • Homeflash without needing to visit a dealer or remove ECU. (Flash Cable sold separate) 
  • Improved throttle mapping and modulation control. (Closer to linear controller)
  • Improved temperature management using enhanced factory strategy.
  • Auto Start/Stop default to “OFF”.
  • Left foot braking enabled.
  • Stationary rev limit removed.
  • Oil Temp rev limit activated.
  • High Speed Data Logging.
  • Boost gauge recalibration.
  • Improved temperature management using enhanced factory strategies.
  • FREE Updates.

Options to update to a Master License Tune are available (fees apply).