B9 SQ5/S4/S5 AL552 TCU Calibration Stage 1/2/Hybrid

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EPL continues to innovate and develop the B9 SQ5/S4/S5 to an extent not yet been seen on this platform. 

Our AL552 TCU Calibration is the perfect match for any of our B9 ECU's.  Careful recalibration has allowed us to tune the transmission for enhanced performance, while keeping or updating factory safety measures.  Multiple levels of TCU's are currently available covering all stages of performance for one price (1, 2, hybrid). 

EPL B9 TCU Features:

  • Updated shift speeds both on both upshift and downshifts 
  • Optimized shift points for power various levels of power output
  • ECU integration to further enhanced user adjustable launch control
  • Full recalibration of torque control to optimize drivability*
  • Homeflash without needing to visit a dealer or remove ECU (Flash Cable sold separate) 

*TCU upgrades are recommend for all power levels/stages of performance, but are not necessary for full ecu power gains on stage 1 or 2. 


This TCU upgrade pairs pair perfectly with our ECU upgrades featuring adjustable launch control!